Wilde on Turtle Island

Organic Permaculture

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We inter-planted the nut trees with some berry varieties with the goal of determining the plants best suited to our specific location.

As we looked around for more options, we stumbled upon a workshop (advertised as a grafting workshop) that introduced us to the term Permaculture.

Once we grasped that what we were doing had a label and a massive body of information and experience, (and realization that we were not alone) we were powerfully inspired.

We dove right in and started to learn about Permaculture.

Our Goal is Balance with Nature

Our Mission Is Sustainability

And Abundance for All

We Respect All Beings

Wilde on Turtle Island began as a vision of

Sustainable living.

In 2005, inspired by the self sufficiency we remembered from our grandparents, and the wisdom of our Ancestors, we purchased a small piece of land with an old farmhouse (Circa 1875) a small barn and 12 acres of workable land. Three had been fallow for the previous five years, being sheep pasture before that.

The other eight was rented and commercially farmed and as such was in completely depleted and badly compacted. The following year we took the eight acre field out of production, planting it in hay. We began planting a variety of fruit and nut trees in the fallow pasture, dug a pond, and began planting windbreaks.

Who We Are and What We Do