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Permaculture Food Forest

Day Trips

Enjoy a guided tour or a self-tour through our Permaculture Food Forest, tasting the berries and fruits of each season. Learn about the edible plants and flowers that probably even grow in your own backyard!


Take a leisurely stroll through our food forest, helping yourself to snacks along the way. Pick up one of our scavenger hunts, orienteering games, or treasure hunts at the front gate.


Visit the animals, smell the flowers, listen to the birds.


Find your peace.

Hours: Every day of the week, between sunrise and sunset,




Fee: Donation


Rules: Take only Pictures (and snacks)

Leave only footprints (and seeds)

Kill nothing but time.


Clear your mind and be grounded when you walk our Celtic Labyrinth.

walking ducks

The ducks love a walk to the pond!


We have 3 types of frogs in our pond

chicken feeding

Our chickens are so friendly that you can feed them by hand!


Concord grapes are ready in mid-August, but they don't last long!


The rabbits will eat dandelion leaves all day!


Blue and White mulberries, cherries, and gooseberries are all ready in early July


Our bees keep busy with so much fruit to pollinate


Apple Blossoms in early May


Come visit in late May to try the Haskaps!

mama hen

Important Information

We do ask that you arrange your day visit with us ahead of time. This is a working farm, complete with free range chickens (and ducks and guinea fowl and some really bossy geese), several very large guard dogs, and a pack of Jack Russells, so unexpected drop-ins are difficult to accommodate.


Please note: we have a pond that is unsupervised and LOTS of nut trees that could trigger those with allergies.

Tours are FREE!


Please leave a donation to help support the farm, if you can.

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