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Spend the weekend at our large, private campsites, set among the wildflowers and fruit trees of our Permaculture Food Forest and family farm.


EcoCamping is Sustainable

Our objective, in everything we do, is to leave the earth better than we found it.  Beginning with our minimalist camp sites and our scent-free composting toilet.


EcoCamping is Natural

Our Permaculture Food Forest is a fully functioning ecosystem, which means you will see more nature and less human interference.


EcoCamping is Private

To reduce our ecological footprint, we limit the number of people on the property at any time.

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Wilde on Turtle Island

Site Map
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Spring Fed Pond

When water levels are high enough, our pond is a great place for swimming and catching tadpoles, frogs, and goldfish!


Farm Fresh Eggs

We sell a small number of eggs from our grass-fed hens for your campfire breakfast!


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

For a small fee you can graze from our fruit trees, berry bushes, and vegetable garden: for the most delicious (non-certified organic) heirloom food.

Nearby Attractions

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