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Happy Endings:
Canine Behaviour Rescue

About Laura Jean

My passion is to see dogs become the beautiful beings that they can be! Dogs are happiest when they are reaching their potential. And I want to help people with unhappy dogs get the tools to help their dogs live their best life!

My Mission

To reestablish misbehaving dogs as happy, fulfilled and content family members, by offering caring dog owners the tools and knowledge needed to teach their canine companions.

My Method

Our first job will be to diagnose the problem, through consultation with your veterinarian, through a questionnaire, and ultimately meeting in person or virtually. Then I will develop a treatment plan that is broken down into small steps for you and your dog to progress toward their happiest self!


Initial 1 hour Consultation: $40

Hands-on Sessions: $40/half hour, $75/hour



I look forward to hearing from you!


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